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Producer Aaron


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New Addition

Ok guys and gals - You've heard Jason and Dan talk about the infamous "LIST" of the movies that they draw from a hat to figure out which flick they talk about next. Well, it's been posted on facebook, and it has made its way here on to the site!!!

Check out the link above, or click here to see "the LIST". I will keep it updated as they go so you can take a peek. If you have suggestions for the list, you can email them in, and we'll see about adding them in!



Hey Hey!!!

Welcome to the Flicks Podcast new site!!!

Yeah, so now that that is out of the way.... :-)


No, but really, WELCOME! We're glad you're checking out the site, and listening to the podcast!! If you're not listening, click on the Subcribe link right up there at the top, or the iTunes link to see our iTunes page!!



A Little History About Us...


Flicks started way back in March '09, with a more relaxed perspective of movies and film than our sister pocast, Film in Focus.


That being said, Jason and Dan bring their fantastic opinions, analysis, and humor to the interweb airways!! Join us in a near-weekly schedule that includes reviews, background and production info, and fantastic banter.


Joined by several guest hosts from all over the globe, Jason and Dan are your guides in this conversation about movies that could go anywhere!!!



Download This Episode!!



Each week (more or less) Jason and Dan review a movie that they pick, or one suggested by YOUR emails!! If you'd like them to talk about a particular movie, send us an email!!! Hey, the most they can say is no...

Also, there are a couple of very special Fan Commenatries available for download as well!! Jason and Dan sit down and record a comentary on a particular flick!! You can queue up the 'cast, and pop in the flick, and listen to our own "alternate audio track"!!! Awesome!



Well, anyway, that's what we got going on here! Be sure to check out Jason's Flixster page, as well as the Facebook and Twitter pages!!!



--Producer Aaron

Producer Aaron

Producer Aaron and Jason have been having an affair for years. Of course, no knows about it, so shhh....


Although Producer Aaron has guest hosted on all our podcasts, he primarily maintains the server, the podcasts, the websites... pretty much everything but talking....

DanDan co-hosts with Jason on both Flicks and on our other podcast, The Shadowy Flight. Adding his own particular insights and banter, Flicks maintains it's laid back, easy-going mood with Dan in the co-pilot's seat.....


Jason is the creator and host of Flicks, as well as our other podcasts: Film in Focus, and The Shadowy Flight.


Jason is a fan boy at heart, and enjoys Sci-Fi, post-apocolyptic, and underwater movies. He also digs horror!!

Check out his Flixster page!!!